It's not Rohypnol, but shouldn't this be against the law?

SouthBeach Lesbian Takes Nobel Prize Winner's Research
To Create New Product that Makes All Women
Almost Instantly Crazy to Have Sex
with Males... or... Females!



Julie Paris (no relation to that other young woman named Paris) is a lesbian who lives in SouthBeach. Actually, she is bi-sexual... but... she hardly ever "wastes her time" with men these days. That's because (according to her) most men just don't have a clue about how to satisfy a woman in bed.


For years, Julie has studied chemistry and its biological effect on women. She is responsible for creating many of the top cosmetic products in the entire world. But now, she has created a product called "Fire Play" that makes almost all women...


Instantly Horny!


What is "FirePlay"?  It's a bioactively-engineered product that her friends sometimes call "the woman's Viagra"...or... sometimes they describe it as the "instant-turn-on" product.  Women who know about and use this product (there are very few of them) NEVER use this product unless they know...


      They Are About To Have Sex!


After all, what's the point of being almost unbelievably sexually aroused... if... you don't have a sex partner to enjoy that situation with you... and... leave you completely satisfied?


I'm sure you've heard all the stories about the alleged aphrodisiac called the "Spanish Fly".  Early descriptions of this product date back to antiquity.  This drug is mentioned by Hippocrates, Celsus and Pliny.  The Roman empress, Libia (58 B.C. through 29 A.D.) is said to be the person who slipped it into the food of other members of the Imperial family... to stimulate them into committing sexual indiscretions... which could later be used against them.  Libia was originally the wife of Tiberius Claudius Nero.  But he gave her away to Octavianus (later known as Emperor Augustus) as part of a reconciliation agreement.


Even today, the legend of the Spanish Fly as a powerful aphrodisiac persists.


Is the Spanish Fly just a myth... or... did it (and does it now) really exist?  Well, thanks to the efforts of Julie Paris, it doesn't much matter ... because... her new product...


Really Does Work!


It's safe... and... it actually does make women... instantly horny!


Julie spent years of research getting the formula of this product exactly right.

  Also, even though Julie is one of the world's leading experts in female biology, she did not create this
product by herself. She had the help of a world-famous chemist who has a testing laboratory in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is the leading expert in the world on SPF (Suntan Protection Factor) and equally knowledgeable of other facets of human biology.

  I'm going to try to tell you how this product works... but remember... I am NOT a scientist. So, if I don't get it exactly right, don't blame Julie or the other chemists involved.


FirePlay's main ingredients: L-Arginine, Capsicum, Pure American Emu Oil and Peppermint, it also contains several other exotic natural extracts and oils including Chinese cassia oil.

  These key ingredients are responsible for enhancing female arousal.  Specifically, L-Arginine causes the production of Nitric Oxide which increases blood flow to the area, while the Capsicum, Citrus and Peppermint oils intensify the sensitivity with delightful glowing pleasure bursting sensations from the inside out!  The Emu oil enables the active ingredients to penetrate 7 cell layers deep, much deeper than ANY other sexual enhancer available anywhere.


The 1998 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine and Physiology was awarded for the discovery of the Nitric Oxide pathway, the basis for clitoral erection.  

  FirePlay is the ONLY product on the market that contains all of these key ingredients responsible for her sexual arousal.  It is a pharmaceutical grade product, but... does NOT require a prescription.

  Anyway, here's how it works as I understand it: If you've ever been in the sun too long (without sun screen
protection) you probably got a sunburn. The reason you got that sunburn was because of all those UVA rays
from the sun causing something called an "
Arachadonic acid cascade". Basically (as I understand it) an
Arachadonic acid cascade" is a chemical chain reaction that causes a harmful sunburn.

  Now, get this: Although they would explain it differently, what Julie and this other world-famous chemist
have been able to do create is a product that first makes a woman hypersensitive to pleasure, then produces something (at least vaguely similar) to a harmless "
Arachadonic acid cascade" in the genital area of women who are exposed to this product. This causes a pleasant, very exciting warming sensation which works on women (from the inside out) that...

Makes It Almost Impossible
For Them To Think About
Anything Except Sex!

It really works. I'm the guy who wrote the book Julie talked about earlier. (By the way, the title of my book is "Killer Orgasms!") I've personally tested "Fire Play" with several different women... and... I've never seen women react to anything the way they react to this product!

  Julie and Christopher are probably the two top experts in the world on the chemical biology of women.
Before this message, they trusted only three men to use it with their women lovers. These are the only three men she trusted 100%... and... here is what they said about the product:


"I love to see my girlfriend in ecstasy! I love to see her out of control and going beyond her normal sexual limits. She and I both have decided we are going to keep using 'Fire Play' for as long as we are alive. And believe me, this product makes both of us really come alive!"

~ 1st man allowed to have FirePlay


"I love the way it's now her who's the one always hounding me for sex! Not only is our sex life 100  times better, the way she acts when we use this product makes me feel like I am 7' tall."

~ 2nd man allowed to have FirePlay


"Ohhh My God! This stuff works like crazy! You wouldn't know my woman and I have been together for all these years. We are now like sex-starved teenagers all over again!"

~ 3rd man allowed to have FirePlay



By the way, as one of the three men Julie trusted to use this product, I have a piece of advice for any other man who buys "Fire Play": Make sure YOU are the one who controls access to this product. Don't even think about going off to work or on a trip and letting your woman keep this stuff in her bathroom cabinet.


I'm sure your girlfriend or wife is 100% faithful to you... but... I'm also sure you want to KEEP it that way.

As I said, this stuff is expensive.  A 60 day supply costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. It's $9 more than imitation products.  But, if I were you (provided I was interested in sex) I'd give it a try. 


It's Worth 100 Times

What She Charges For It!

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